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Thursday, 04 April 2019 16:55

Blog #24

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Want to know what's better than finding a new track, that you really love?
Finding a hidden gem, that you nearly missed!

In the name of digging up some hidden gems, we decided to highlight a few of our releases that flew under the radar a little. All critical successes, but didn't find the traction we felt they deserved.
Shining light into the dark corners of the Flicknife Vaults, here's a selection of absolute crackers that you probably don't have in your music collection... but you really should!

Lastwind 'Return Of A Sonic Assassin' Paul Hayles (ex- Hawkwind/Sonic Assassins) new combo Lastwind's first CD was well received by the press: 'What an album! From the moment the first track settles in its trance ambient groove, you know things bode well' - Rich Deakin, Shindig! But it never really found its niche in the markets. Which is a real shame, because it's a solid album, probably one of the best we've ever done! It's an album which ticks every box for a Space Rock fan, while challenging the genre and bringing its own fresh style. And if you enjoy this, ya know... they've got a new album out soon. Check out Return Of A Sonic Assassin here.

Lastwind - Return of a Sonic Assassin

Electric Cake Salad 'Subdiffusion' ON VINYL. Subdiffusion was a great album, well received by the fans. In fact, it was SO well received, that many fans stomped their feet and screamed at us to re-release the album on Vinyl. And, because we're a kind and giving overlord, we did just that! This went down really well with the pros 'Electric Cake Salad are a band you need in your life' - Louder Than War. 'Awesome sound' - Record Collector. Yet, despite the cries for it, we still have a plenty copies of the vinyl left. Get yours here.

Electric Cake Salad - Subdiffusion

Rounding out the trio is a real underrated gem. Jeremy Gluck & Robert Coyne 'I Knew Buffalo Bill 2: Memory Deluxe' a haunting and beautiful album, well produced and with a great sound. The media ate it up, but the fans never really embraced it. Jeremy Gluck (formerly of the Barracudas) and Robert Coyne (Also a Barracuda and son of the great Kevin Coyne) delivered an album that was every bit as good as its legendary predecessor. Don't believe me? Look at these reviews! "it's got a nugget of beauty right at its core, a kind of flawed beauty...nuggets of real, rough beauty at its core, I adored that." - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales "Suicide meet The Stones. Exile from the street, this is the future.... The 21st Century waiting at the crossroads Blues; stark, simplistic and stripped down songs with a shining darkness that make(s) you feel warm inside." - Prowling Wolf
'4/5: a worthy successor' - Ian Abrahams, Record Collector
So, if you've got a Bill shaped hole in your collection, why not pick it up here.

I Knew Buffalo Bill 2

So there we have it, people! Three overlooked classics just waiting for a new home in your collection. Just because you might have missed the first time around, doesn't mean you can't snap them up now!

Because remember, a rock band is for life, not just for Christmas!

Catch you on the flip side,

Taheg Gloder and the Flicknife Kru.

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