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Tuesday, 05 April 2022 18:14

Blog #35

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It's been a while, sorry everything's been so calm and free of catastrophes that time just slipped by!!

Seriously, though; The 'Rona continues to ravage the world, Putin has thrown his toys out of the pram and our country is being run by self serving morons, too busy lining their own pockets to notice that the world is burning down around them. But, on the plus side, we have music! Aaaah, music. A gentle song to calm the heart of a savage beast. Well, we don't have anything that will soothe your heart for you this time, but we've got some crackers, to get the heart pumping and the toe tapping. That's way better, right?

Paradise 9 - Science Fiction Reality

First things first, industry legend and all 'round great chap Kev Rowland got his hands on the fantastic 'Science Fiction Reality' by our good friends Paradise 9. It's safe to say, he rather liked it! I knew he had good taste. Check out his kind words here.

If you also have good taste, and want to give the album a listen, you can pick up your copy from our store today. Or, If you're all about the old school, and you know we're ALL about the old school, you can stick in your pre-order today for the new vinyl release. It's worth noting: we're only making 100 units of this vinyl marvel so these will be REAL collectors items. Make sure to register your interest NOW.

In these uncertain times, we've really got to look our for each other. When the likes of Disney and Amazon are gobbling up smaller businesses and slowly increasing their stranglehold on creativity, we've got to fight back in the only way we can by supporting smaller businesses and lifting up the little guy. Every order for a small retailer like us is another step closer to keeping the doors open and the lights on for one more day! Power to the Indies!

Flipside Freaks Purple

And now, for something completely different! If you've been following us for a while, you'll know we recently released Flipside Freaks:Red, an utterly bonkers collection of wonderful tunes from some of our good mates. If you've REALLY been paying attention, you'll know that FF Red was only the start of a new series. The next freaky entry is Flipside Freaks:Purple. No, this isn't the same album, but with a blackcurrant flavour! This time, we're covering something a little different.

FF Purple is an entirely different take on 60s pop psychedelia, laid back and grooving, with an acoustic vibe. This album will be with you towards the start of June. It features some killer tracks from Flicknife mainstays Electric Cake Salad, plus Bridget Wishart, Spirits Burning and a surprise from Evil Blizzard' skin thumper/singer, One Sided Horse! This is going to be a really fun album, so don't miss out! Still, don't take our word for it. Sir Brian, of the Family Tawn, just happens to have heard the album, and had this to say: "I'm currently on the third play: I'm sure it will be like Marmite to people but some, like me, will enjoy it." Can't say fairer than that!

But we can't just leave it there, can we? After trippin' out with FF Purple, we're feeling a little... guilty!

Because next up is Flipside Freaks: Yellow! And Yellow is all about guilty pleasures.

Guilty Pleasure SONGS! Our legal department tells me I need to make that quite clear...

Do you secretly love a bit of ABBA? Does Duran Duran get your leg bouncing?

And do you wish they were just a little more... Freaky!?

So, all you budding balladeers and troublesome troubadours, if you think you could make us believe in your version of 'Faith' (George Michael) then this is your time to shine! Send us your freakin' covers of your (secret) favourite tracks and see if you can't change some people's opinions! Send your MP3 to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Well, that's it for this blog! Hope you enjoy the music and get your tracks rolling in. We can't wait to see what wonderful madness you have in store for us. Don't worry, we promise if we don't like what we hear, we won't pull a Will Smith on you! This is the point in history where we all have to pull together, and try to lift each other up, instead of knocking others down. There are so many people who just want to get the most they can out of others, while giving as little as possible back. But that can only go so far, before everything collapses, we're starting to see that now. Bill and Ted had it right: Be excellent to each other!

Catch you on the flipside.

Taheg Gloder, and the Flicknife Kru

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