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First off the bat, a bit of an update from a previous blog! Our new label "RNG Records" has undergone a facelift, and is now titled "FNG Records". The concept is the same, the music will still be excellent, and we'll still be epic, we just changed one of the letters! It looks cooler this way.

Now, back on topic...

The first release on FNG will be a charity single, because we're just THAT nice! Released this October, allow me to officially unveil:

Mercy's Door by London Country, featuring the vocal talents of Russell Watson, the famous English Tenor AND The Prebendal School Chamber Choir!

All proceeds from "Mercy's Door" will be donated to The Christie NHS Trust and Prebendal School's chosen charity.

Mercy's Door is a powerful ballad, combining Ian's signature Spoken Word style, with the legendary power of Britain's foremost Tenor, all laid beautifully over a backdrop of the angelic Prebendal Choir. This is a track you would need to pick up, even if it wasn't for charity! So, if you only buy one track in the coming months (but we'd prefer you picked up more :p), make sure it's this one! It's a great single, and it's for a wonderful cause!

So dig deep and buy this wonderful charity single! It'll be available from all the usual sites: Amazon, iTunes, etc.

London Country - Mercy's Door

Morgellons Vive le Rock Review

And don't forget people, our latest amazing release from Morgellons! It just got 9/10 from Vive Le Rock, why not pick it up and see what all the fuss is about?

It's available from all the usual places:

And of course, from our very own store.

Thanks in advance, I know you Flickers are good, generous people.

Catch you on the Flipside,

Taheg Gloder and the Flicknife Kru.

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