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We figured we'd do a nice light blog this month, seeing as the world is going to hell in a hand-basket...

And thus, we present something no one has asked for....but I'm sure you're all just aching to know!

We've previously listed our favourite records released on Flicknife, and our favourite records we WISH we'd released... so what do we have next? Why, it's only our top five guilty pleasure tracks!

Those songs that many would be surprised to know have that special place, hidden deep in our hearts!

First off... A classic from the masters of Pop, Eurovision Overlords: ABBA with their prototype punk hit "S.O.S"

In second place, a man of many names, and they're all legends: Cat Stevens, with "Father & Son". Not only is this a great song, it's also solid advice! Father to many hard choices.

Coming in third, the kings of that ever so familiar sound: Status Quo, rocking out with "Down Down". GREAT intro, never fails to get people hyped up!

Blasting into forth, none other than Gun and the explosive "Race With The Devil". Which features an absolute KILLER riff: great for summer listening.

And last, but by no means least, our fifth track: Fleetwood Mac with "Man Of The World" a classic from the days of Peter Green's Mac. Very different to what we have today!

So there they are, our five guilty pleasure tracks. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

If they're NOT your pick, feel free to let us know what YOUR song of choice is, in the comment section below... Just songs mind you... We don't want to know what other guilty pleasures you might have!

Not judging. Just need to maintain plausible deniability ;)

Oh, and while we have you!

An update on one of our awesome roster! Wills and The Willing will be releasing their cracking new album on July 21st, as I'm sure you all know... What you may NOT know, is that it will be "Dream In Colour" (SHARPCD17089), not "Heroes & Villains" as previously announced. So make sure you pick it up! It'll be available from all the usual vendors, Amazon, iTunes and of course, our own store from 21st July.

Wills and the Willing - Dream In Colour

Until next time, catch you on the flipside.

Taheg Gloder.

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