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Welcome back from the festive season.  Hope the hangovers have worn off by now and your 2018 is going well.  We've not been slacking here at the Flicknife Lair and BOY, do we have some amazing releases coming soon for you!

First off is a very cool release:  Wills and the Willing's new single Butterflies - Dan Thomas Remix (FLSD18099). 

Iam Wills - Butterflies, Dan Thomas Mix

The first single released on our new "FNG" imprint and we couldn't have picked a better track for our debut!  A really great remix fromDan Thomas, one of the hottest producers around (he is breaking the Billboards charts!), it will be available in a Radio mix and an extended Dance mix, which should be a lot of fun for all you DJs out there to play around with.  You should be able to find this epic track on all the usual digital sites very soon (maybe even now)! 

Coming March 26th, is something we're all VERY excited about!  A great band who you will be hearing a LOT of in the future.  I present to you: Blue Carpet Band ‘Rock And Roll Carpet – Relaid’ (SHARPCD17093).

Blue Carpet Band

One of our most anticipated releases, this is the first album from one of the best up and coming dirty rock bands playing right now.  Trust me, this is an album you're going to need!  It will be available in physical and digital version, from our very own store and all other good stores/sites!  Pre-order this one ASAP.

Last but by no means least: arriving April 2nd, the most popular ‘unpopular band in the world’! 

Yur Mum

Who knows best?  Yur Mum knows best! with their new album 'Road Rage' (SHARPCD18096).  Mama's coming, and she's got some killer tracks to melt your ears off, so why not head to our usual sites and find out what Mama can teach you? It will be available as a CD and a download so no excuses not to order it!

So there it is folk, three new releases for you to splurge on.  So cash that cheque from your forgetful auntie Dora, and head to your local music shop and/or digital site, because Flicknife has some real treats coming for you! 

And this is just the start people.  2018 is going to be a big one for the Flicknife Kru and we're going to bring you all along with us, dragging you, kicking and screaming if we must...

Catch you on the Flipside!

Taheg Gloder and the Flicknife Kru.

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