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‘Science Fiction Reality’ (A Limited Vinyl Release)

Paradise 9 - Science Fiction Reality

"Challenging, deft and understated space rock for 2021 and generations beyond." Guy Shankland - Vive Le Rock

"Science Fiction Reality is a bittersweet, beautifully written and skilfully performed album. Tremendous space rock with an intelligent and optimistic zen-punk message" Jack Gold-Molina - It's Psychedelic Baby

"If Paradise 9 had been around back in the day, then surely their space-punk vibe would have made them great stablemates for the likes of Inner City Unit, Underground Zero, and yes, Hawkwind themselves, on the 1980s Flicknife roster. Fast forward to 2021, and how fantastic to see them join the resurgent Flicknife now!" Ian Abrahams - No Star Unturned

"With a sound that encompasses so many genres, it slides across space and time. Music with a conscience..." Mark Cartwright - The Punk Site

This vinyl version of the Paradise 9 album ‘Science Fiction Reality’ will be strictly on order: it will come with various goodies such as a badge, lyrics sheet, full colour sleeve, etc.etc. Once all the orders are placed, we will proceed or not, depending on how many of you have ordered. If we do NOT proceed, we will refund every penny you paid us. But let’s make this happen:


Price: £25.00 + P&P / Bundle option of vinyl + CD: £30.00 +P&P

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*Note this is a pre-order subject to receiving enough pre-orders! Your order will be refunded if the minimum is not met.

Also available as a CD!

Pablo Mercedes - Devil & God

The band was born from the ashes of Rabid (Dean Grant/Steve Ward) and have kept the same ‘in your face attitude’ although the music is more steam/blues punk than straight punk: It’s still a blast though!

"A standing ovation of an album" - Only Rock

Price: £12.00 plus delivery

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