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Paradise 9

We are very happy to announce two new releases: first off, we have PARADISE 9 'Science Fiction Reality' (SHARPCD21118) out on 23rd April 2021. Paradise 9 was formed in 1997 by Gregg McKella (who has played with Monty Oxymoron of The Damned, Judge Trev, Steve Swindells and more), bassist Andy McDonald (ex-Sex Gang Children) and Steve Teers on djembe, keyboards and vocals. Drummer Wayne Collyer was recruited last out of heavy rock band Deepskin. After numerous line-up changes (including Pink Fairies' Jaki Windmill and Nik Turner guesting to name just two) Gregg enrolled ex-Alternative TV guitarist Tyrone Thomas and ex-Casual Affair Neil Matthars into the band and this settled line-up recorded 'Science Fiction Reality', a collection of 8 new tracks. Along the way, they have released 2 albums and 2 E.Ps, played hundreds of gigs and festivals, most notably Glastonbury Festival, Cambridge Rock Festival, Bearded Theory and Small World Festival to great press acclaim. Indeed, Record Collector's Ian Abrahams said: 'Their music represents all the facets of the counter-culture movement joined up as a whole'.

Paradise 9 - Science Fiction Reality

Secondly, we 'd like to introduce you to REDHEAD's new album 'Broken Hourglass' (SHARPCD21119) coming out on 30th April 2021. Formed in 2013 by Frontman Ellis Crewe-Candy, Redhead set out to deliver great, original rock'n'roll music for everyone. This desire fed into the heart of the Redhead live experience, which brought performance and well-crafted songs to engaged audiences. The ten studio tracks from 'Broken Hourglass' take the listener on a fulfilling audio journey. Prepare to become a fan...

Redhead - Broken Hourglass

Both albums will be available in the store very soon!

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