Just when you thought Hortus Animae had gone into hibernation, here they pop up with a tour of East Europe. Entitled the 'Necronomicon Tour', it takes in the following cities and countries:

28/09/2016 – Bilgoraj, Poland
29/09/2016 – Stereo Krogs – Łodz, Poland
30/09/2016 – Wrcocław, Poland
01/10/2016 – Ostrava, Czech Republic
02/10/2016 – Praha, Czech Republic
04/10/2016 – Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
05/10/2016 – Brno, Czech Republic
06/10/2016 – Hodonín, Czech Republic
07/10/2016 – Bratislava, Slovakia
08/10/2016 – Košice, Slovakia
09/10/2016 – Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

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