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Tuesday, 20 December 2022 16:19

Blog #36


Wow, 2022 was a lot, wasn’t it? I keep hoping I’ll write one of these end of the year wrap up blogs and just talk about how we all had a really nice year, and everything went so well. But this year, is not the year I get to write THAT post. Nope, 2022 was another year of struggles for all (well, most...) Many businesses, great and small, didn’t make it this far, and many more won’t make it to this time next year. But, it could be a LOT worse. Keep a spot in your heart for all those that spent 2022 fighting for their freedom, and their lives. If you wake up with a roof over your head, and even a little food in your fridge, you’re doing better than most. That’s something, right?

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